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       IAN DUNCAN                MACDONALD





"Thank you very much for writing your book “Income And Wealth From Self-Directed Investing”. The simple, yet detailed step-by-step instructions on purchasing and maintaining a portfolio are life changing! I feel very lucky to have found this book"...MOODY

"This book provides an education in investing, for those who want to take control of their own money. You'll learn how to choose stocks for your own self-directed portfolio.   A software program is also available, free, with the purchase of this book.... Ian MacDonald will show you how to choose 20 stocks for your portfolio, each yielding at least 6% in annual income. The income from your chosen stocks will provide a comfortable retirement.  This is more than just another self-help book. It can be a lifesaver."...ALLAN

"...some great advice and very easy to follow....The school system should make it a mandatory read by at the least grade ten or twelve. Chapter 11 is worth the price many times over as a life lesson for young folks.  I wish I had seen chapter 4 many years ago...You must be a very patient man to have researched and written chapters 13 to 16".....WAYNE

"...This book is great.... Thank you for the great insight!".....GENE

...."My son has bought your book on my recommendation as I am helping him get his savings and investing in better order. "...WAYNE

"I find your approach to investing pragmatic and easy to follow....GENE

."I have not put your book down I since started reading it"...ANDREW

"...I am already a DIY investor ... and will use your scoring system to double check against my current stock picks.... I’m interested to apply the scoring to my US stocks."...GORDON

...Finally, I have found the way to reorganize my investments... It fits my investing style and goals perfectly. I have been a self directed dividend/growth/value investor for the last 5 years after bailing out of advised management provided by various firms since about 1998...."..ROBERT

"... I was trying to find an adviser who could review my portfolio and provide self guidance. I found that most advisers are either Asset Under Management, Brokers, Insurance or Annuity salesmen. They either charge a big fee to manage or upfront fee to purchase an insurance or annuity policy.  I found a few people online who really want to educate people. Here are a few I follow: Paul Merriman, Chris Pedersen, Michael Kitces, Roger Whitney and now Ian MacDonald!"...RON

"I purchased this excellent guide in January 2020" ....DAVID

'your book as a dividend investor it makes a lot of sense"....BOB

Seeking a steady 6% dividend income with a 9% annual capital gain?

Afraid that you will outlive your life savings?

Want to invest safely in stocks?

Learn why your investment portfolio has lost money?

In easy to understand language, Ian MacDonald reveals the concerns you should have about entrusting your money to investment advisors. He explains why self-investing, is the safest, least expensive way to invest.

 Step-by-step he shows you how you can realize an annual 6% income while your portfolio continues to grow year-after-year.  

    The basics are explained in detail:

-          How to open an online stock trading account.

-          How to find the best 20 dividend paying stocks for your portfolio.

-          How the book's scoring tables identify the best growth and dividend stocks.

-          How the FREE PC scoring software confirms that a stocks is the right one to buy.

-          How to buy your verified stocks.

-          How to easily and quickly monitor your purchased stocks.


This book is for those who seek safe financial independence.

Available in print and ebook formats at

Kindle Format $9.99        Paperback $17.68

Also Available at Barnes and Noble

    4 FREE


To access each videos, go to In its search box, enter "intitle" and then enter the desired video title.

"First Lesson in Income and Wealth"

"Income and Wealth from Self-Directed Investing - Lesson 2"

"Income and Wealth from Self-Directed Investing - Lesson 3"

"Income and Wealth from Self-Directed Investing - Lesson four of 4"

The 4 Videos summarize the book's content:* How you can build a safe, generous, diversified portfolio* Defining what is a good common stock to buy* How to easily find 20 good stocks*How to score stocks*How to buy stocks* How to monitor stocks * What to avoid * How to live frugally.



                      IAN DUNCAN MACDONALD

Raised in a Northern mining town, Ian paid his way through university working in those mines. This employment gave him insight into the problems of commodity investing e.g. constantly fluctuating world prices, unionized workers, remote job sites, absentee owners far removed from the source of their wealth, government interference, etc.

His first job, after graduating from McMaster University, was with the large international commercial risk information company, Dun & Bradstreet. Every morning, he interviewed business owners and every afternoon he wrote reports on the viability of those businesses for banks, insurance companies and trade suppliers. His business education was further enhanced when he progressed to selling D&B's marketing information to sales managers, advertising agencies and marketing managers.

At the age of twenty-five, he became General Manager of that Marketing Services Division for Canada. At twenty-eight he was promoted to General Sales Managers for all divisions of the company. This included a sales force of a 100 sales representatives in a dozen offices.

When told that he could not become president of the Canadian company without first working for D&B in the USA, he left and joined a Canadian conglomerate. Here he was simultaneously General Manager of Screening Systems International (a service that screened senior executive job applicants) and President of Inter Continental Collections ( a small collection agency).

When an opening, as Ontario Regional Manager, arose at Creditel of Canada Limited, he left to learn more about the collection agency business. It had intrigued him that millions could be made from discarded "bad" accounts. Creditel was the largest commercial collection agency in Canada, with 15 branch locations.

 A few years later, he sought out the job of Senior Vice President of their money losing, credit reporting division.  It quickly became the largest source of revenue and profits for Creditel.  This made it an acquisition target.

 Equifax Inc, another large, international risk information conglomerate. bought Creditel to acquire the new technology that Ian had created.  They quickly sold off the collection division.   Ian retired from Equifax 9 years later as a Vice President in 2005. 

In 1996, he had incorporated Informus Inc to manage the anticipated sales of his art, writing, and consulting services.


Over 2,300 of

Ian MacDonald's paintings,

photos and digital art

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