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            Ian Duncan MacDonald is the author or four books:

1. Income & Wealth from Self-Directed Investing - Trust no one with your money. You don't need an investment advisor. You can achieve better, safer results, at a much less cost. Ian walks you step-by-step through the process of identifying and acquiring safe stocks that will generate both income and capital gain for you.

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2. Beware The Abandoned - A capitalist sect travels the world recruiting the smartest and toughest, abandoned street children. These children are developed into wealthy ruthless capitalist. They are destined to generate income for the sect for the rest of their lives. John Cross is one of these orphans.  Bothe the FBI and the mob are in hot pursuit of him. He was well hidden, until now. Will he escape? Go to the "BOOKS" page in this website for more information and a link to our distributors. Both printed and ebook versions of this book are available.

3. Using Drought USA - This is the second in the Rob Lyons series.  Rob is sent to Alberta and Quebec to negotiate the establishment of republics with separatists in those provinces. It would be a reward for stepping aside and letting the USA invade Ontario. It is an election year. The South West USA has a drought crisis. Water from Ontario can solve this drought and win votes for the President. Action, romance, politics and suspense dominate this book. Go to the "BOOKS" page in this website for more information on this novel and a link to our distributors. Both printed and ebook versions of this book are available

4. Duel - This is the first in Rob Lyons series.  Rob is sent to the Caribbean island of St. Matts to disrupt the plans the People's Republic of China have in establishing a naval bases there. Corrupt politicians, assassination, threats of a nuclear war, romance and non stop action keep readers engaged.  Go to the "BOOKS" page in this website for more information on this novel and a link to our distributors. Both printed and ebook versions of this book are available.


Over 2,300 images created by Ian Duncan MacDonald can be found in his distributor's "" website.  For a direct link to his art, go the the "ART" page in this website.

                           IAN DUNCAN                           MACDONALD

Ian feels his life's journey was preparing him for the writing of "Income & Wealth from Self-Directed Investing". He was raised in a Northern mining town, and paid his way through university working in those mines. The mining industry gave Ian an intimate understanding of the inherent problems in commodity investing e.g. constantly fluctuating world prices, unionized workers, remote job sites, absentee owners far removed from the source of their wealth, government interference, etc.

His first job, after graduating from McMaster University, was with the large international commercial risk information company, Dun & Bradstreet. Every morning, they sent him out to interview business owners and every afternoon he wrote reports on the viability of those businesses. The reports were then forwarded to banks, insurance companies and trade suppliers all over the world. His business education was further enhanced when he progressed to selling D&B's marketing information to sales managers, advertising agencies and marketing managers.

Thousands of these personal interactions with business executives gave him a rich education in the harsh realities of business. At the age of twenty-five, he became General Manager of that Marketing Services Division for Canada. At twenty-eight the General Sales Managers responsible for all sales, marketing and advertising for the company in Canada. This included managing a sales force of more than 100 sales representatives in a dozen offices.

Told that he could not become president of the Canadian company without first working for D&B in the USA, he left and joined a Canadian conglomerate. Here he was simultaneously General Manager of Screening Systems International (an employment service that screened senior executive job applicants) and President of Inter Continental Collections, a small collection agency.

When an opening, as Ontario Regional Manager, arose at Creditel of Canada Limited, he left to learn more about the collection agency business. It had intrigued him that millions of dollars could be made from discarded "bad" accounts. Creditel was then the largest commercial collection agency in Canada, by far. They operated out of 15 branch locations, spread from coast-to-coast. 
A few years later, he sought out the job of Senior Vice President of their money losing, credit reporting division.  It quickly became the largest source of revenue for Creditel, generating millions of dollars in profits. This made it an acquisition target.  Equifax Inc, another large, international information conglomerate bought it to acquire the new technology that Ian had created in the credit reporting division. They quickly sold off the collection division.  Ian retired from Equifax 9 years later as a Vice President in 2005. He incorporated Informus Inc which has managed the sales of his art, writing, and consulting interests.