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INFORMUS INC is active in:

COMMERCIAL RISK EVALUATIONS - including site visits and key executive interviews

GENERAL BUSINESS CONSULTING - strategic data gathering, sales and profit analysis

For decades Ian MacDonald was a vice president 

at Equifax, Dun & Bradstreet and Creditel.

This gave him a depth of experience in:

-designing and running commercial market research studies

-taking an operation, losing a million dollars, to millions of dollars in profit

-building a national sales force to sell sales organizational and direct marketing tools

-constructing a national information system to collect legal data from all court houses

- creating a system to gather millions of payment experiences from thousands of corporations

-leading a large sales force in quickly building a client base from 4,000 to 12,000 clients.

-organizing a world wide system of correspondents to gather risk data and sell services

- creating many unique information products that generated millions of dollars in profits 

Ian's Greatest Strength

Rapidly Creating Solutions to Problems



Ian's initial assignment was to integrate Creditel's commercial reporting operation into Equifax's operation. He closed 15 Creditel offices across Canada and centralized them into one national service center. Equifax recouped their acquisition costs within  three years. For the next 9 years he was tasked with the well being of the commercial reporting operation. Equifax is the largest consumer credit reporting agency in the world and is trad on the NYSE.


He joined Creditel  to learn the commercial collection business from the best in the industry. He was hired as Regional Manager to run their 5 Ontario offices.  Creditel was Canada's largest commercial collection agency and second largest commercial credit reporting agency. Five years later, he was promoted to Senior Vice President, heading up the Credit Reporting Division.  It employed 100 sales representatives and hundreds of support staff.  The Reporting Division quickly became the largest profit center for Creditel.  It was running at a million dollar loss, when he took it over. When it was sold to Equifax it was generating millions of dollars in profit and had become the largest supplier of commercial credit reports in Canada.


To gain bottom line experience, Ian left Dun & Bradstreet to join the Drake/Office Overload group of companies.  In the 18 months at Drake, he was responsible for three small subsidiaries: a senior executive screening service, a collection agency and a market research company.  This gave him a strong background in recruiting, screening executives, temporary employment services and running a collection agency.


D&B was his first employer after he graduated with a BA from McMaster University. He started as a credit reporter. This gave him a background in interviewing, analyzing businesses, organizing presentations, meeting daily deadlines and rapid report writing. Within a year, he was running a seven man credit reporting operation with 320 correspondents. In two years, he was a top salesman in their Marketing Services Division. In four years, he was General Manager of that Division for Canada.  In Six years, at the age of 28, he was the General Sales Manager for all divisions (reporting, marketing services, collections and education products) with a team of 100 sales representatives in a dozen offices across Canada.  He left D&B after turning down a transfer to their New York head office.  Traded on the New York Stock Exchange, Dun & Bradstreet is the largest commercial credit reporting agency in the world.


For four summers he worked in the mines and smelters of INCO in Sudbury, Ontario.  At that time, INCO employed 23,000 in Sudbury and was the world's largest producers of nickel.  This summer employment totally paid for his university education and allowed him to graduate without any student loans.  It gave him insight into the mining industry, unions and poor employee relations.

Ian D. MacDonald

President, Informus Inc

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